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Author Topic: Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 2005 plate mystery water leak problem.  (Read 2450 times)

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Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 2005 plate mystery water leak problem.
« on: December 25, 2022, 12:05:45 AM »

I have water leaking from under the dash area on the drivers side near the accelerator pedal soaking the carpet - its a rainwater leak not any water from the air con or coolant. It needs a few hours of medium to heavy rain before it starts to drip dowm mainly behind the inside corner trim - rain appears near the wiring plastic cover next to the sill. I do not have a sunroof - almost impossible to reproduce a leak  using a hose - it needs constatant rain. It leaks when standing overnight.

Its a slow drip of water that I can see runs down the wiring loom near the door wiring grommet area under the dash near the A pillar but really difficult to see where it comes from as its literally a few drips a minute.
The wiper cover panel is bone dry but  I've added sealant along the underside of the window - no difference.
I've party undone the O/S wheel arch liner - drains are clear of leaves etc.
I've cleaned the door seals & channels.
Added sealant to the rubber grommet where it enter the A pillar plus I've sealed around the door hinges.
Engine bulkhead area is bone dry.

Not sure what do do next - behind the wheel arch liners all is clean with no body rot.

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