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Author Topic: insa tyres any good?  (Read 4688 times)

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insa tyres any good?
« on: September 08, 2023, 10:08:56 PM »

never fancied remoulds before tbh, but bf goodrich are so pricey...looking for 31/10.5/15 to use offroad in mud and rock. Any experiences with then here?? the Risko model looks good.


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Re: insa tyres any good?
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2023, 07:19:54 PM »

I've never owned a set of remould tyres, but I have considered them many times. Some years ago a tyre dealer that I used gave me the following advice.

"If they are for a dedicated off-road vehicle then they will be fine. If they are for a vehicle that does most of it's mileage on public roads expect to replace them more frequently as they often wear more quickly than brand new tyres. There could also be a ride quality or handling issue if you are unlucky enough to get one of the tyres with a noticeably stiffer carcass than the others but we won't replace it because we just warned you."

I didn't have enough for a new set of BFG's back in 1999 when I received this advice so I bought a budget brand 'Tacoma MT' that is almost identical to the 2023 Arivo Rock Track MT. They performed well enough on and off road and had good enough wear rate that I sold them a few years later when I went up to a bigger tyre size. I have been running BFG MTs ever since on my off-roaders, with Bridgestone, Pirelli, Yokohama, General Grabber and Goodyear for ATs on other Jeeps. I've bought used Jeeps with a variety of other tyre brands fitted and for my recently acquired 2005 KJ I will likely go for a set of Yokohama GO15 or Toyo AT3.

There are quite a few budget and premium brands that are within £5 more of the Insa Turbo Risko and five that are cheaper. New tyres will have a consistent carcass stiffness. Remould tyres have improved a lot over the years so carcass stiffness may not be an issue anymore.

When it comes to new tyres, 2-ply tyres will usually ride better on the street, weigh less, be more fuel efficient and cheaper to buy. 3-ply tyres will usually resist punctures on and off road much better than a 2-ply, will weigh more, return slightly worse fuel economy and be more expensive.

I no longer buy 2-ply MT tyres for any vehicle that I will drive off-road regularly, but I'm happy to buy 2-ply AT's for occasional off-road use. I have found the 2-ply MT tyres to be a false economy as I have punctured and replaced at least one from each set that I have had, but I have never punctured a BFG MT. Actually, I have, just one KM with only a few thousand miles on it suffered a roofing slate 'dagger' piercing through the sidewall. An agricultural tyre fitter repaired it and it was relegated to an emergency spare. That's not a bad record for eight sets of BFG's in over 20 years.
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